Granite Polishing

Working with granite is definitely much harder than working with marble, so when it’s time to restore your granite why not give Calgary Hard Surface Care a call. You’ll need a professional with specialized knowledge to perform the restoration of your granite, and that’s what we do best! A lot of restoration contractors have no interest in working with granite, but Calgary Hard Surface Care is more than happy, and qualified, to restore your granite for you.

Regardless of whether the granite needs to be re-polished, diamond honed, or cleaned and sealed, our team of professional technicians are trained and qualified to efficiently perform all these services.

What is Granite?

Another name for Granite is ‘Fire Rock’. It’s an igneous rock, created by magma cooling beneath the earth’s surface. It’s the toughest of all building stones, and because of its very close grain Granite is pretty-much impervious to stains.

Calgary Hard-Surface Care Is Here To Help!

Some granite can be porous, and therefore must be properly sealed to prevent future staining. Yes, Granite is one of the hardest surfaces known to mankind, but it can still be chipped or cracked. Please call Calgary Hard Surface Care if this is your situation, because we can certainly help solve your problem. We can restore your granite to its beautiful new and original state: we’ve had extensive experience in dealing with all granite problems and we believe our expertise in this area is second-to-none.

We Will Maintain Your Floors For You

To maintain your investment in any type of natural stone floor, and to continue enjoying the beauty of your granite, marble, travertine and terrazzo floors, then cleaning, polishing and sealing are really important aspects of this maintenance. Basically, with the right care and maintenance your floors can always look beautiful and new. Wouldn’t it be nice to always have clean, shiny, as-new floors in your home or office? When floors are stained they make a home look old, worn, and dated. Now you never have to be concerned about the sad look of your floors. Calgary Hard Surface Care will take care of them for you, and you’ll be amazed when you see exactly what we can do.

Don’t Settle For Second-Best

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to caring for your expensive floors. Call Calgary Hard-Surface Care! We’re happy to provide an obligation free quotation for all your hard-surface care and maintenance needs.

We Guarantee a Great Customer Experience

Not only will you be over the moon when you see your ‘new’ floors, you’ll be very happy with the service you receive from us, because it’s our customer service that’s most important to us. Our reputation is second-to-none, with most of our business coming from word-of-mouth recommendations. Here at Calgary Hard Surface Care we’re very proud of our reputation because we work very hard at it, and word-of-mouth recommendations are simply the best recommendations ever. When you’re happy, we’re happy!

Unsightly Dirty Grout

Is There a Solution to Unsightly Dirty Grout and Tiles in Calgary Alberta?

Finally we have an effective solution to this problem. New equipment and technology have been developed, together with a range of amazing eco-friendly cleaning products to further improve our system’s efficiency. Learn More Now


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