Is There a Solution to Unsightly Dirty Grout and Tiles in Calgary?

Nothing looks more beautiful than the use of natural stone or tiles in a new home: on the other hand, nothing looks worse than that same natural stone or tiles looking grubby and stained. There’s been a huge increase in the use of both natural stone and tiles by the general public and by new home builders, so maintaining cleanliness of tiles has become a whole new problem.

You can certainly use a mop and off-the-shelf cleaners when the surface is quite new, but unfortunately over time the dirt will continue to build up and tiles will start looking bland, with grout lines becoming dirty, and often turning black.

If you run your finger along a grout line you’ll notice that it feels quite greasy, and this is because the conventional cleaning and mopping methods loosen the dirt, move it over the floor, and then deposit it into the grout lines. Up until this point there has been no real solution to this problem, other than unhappily putting up with the sad appearance of dirty tile floors, or even ripping out the offending tiles and having them replaced.

Here in Calgary there’s A New Approach!

Finally we have an effective solution to this problem. New equipment and technology have been developed, together with a range of amazing eco-friendly cleaning products to further improve our system’s efficiency. This is all completely new to the market, and now we’re qualified and ready to offer it to you.

This new system uses a combination of water pressure with heat, detergents, and vacuuming; any surface can be deeply and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. All debris is removed, rather than just being moved and re-deposited in grout lines.

So, what’s the final result from this new cleaning system? Simply amazing! Give us a call and let’s discuss your unsightly tile and grout problem. We can fix it in no time at all! You’ll be so happy you called us.

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When you make the decision to use Calgary Office Cleaning Experts you can rest assured knowing that you’ve made a great environmental decision in hiring an ethical and environmentally friendly business. Our cleaning products are all 100% natural cleaning agents READ MORE

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