What is Travertine?

Travertine is a unique and natural material with positive features belonging to no other stone. Travertine actually belongs to the limestone family; also known as calcium carbonate.

Travertine is a material that naturally has pores and holes, and for thousands of years it’s been used as a building material. Travertine has a very distinctive design, and some of the most beautiful and elegant tiles are Travertine tiles. Travertine is perfect for both residential and commercial use, and today it’s being used for kitchen flooring, floor tiles, bathroom floor and wall tiles, counter tops, and so on. It’s also used externally, so you can see that Travertine is a very versatile material.

Travertine is relatively easy to keep clean, however most people want more than just ‘clean’. We want it to look as-new! And this is where Travertine Polishing comes in; because when we have worked on your travertine floor you’ll be amazed at just how beautiful it looks and how we’ve been able to restore it to its new appearance.

Travertine is a truly luxurious and beautiful stone that has very quickly become incredibly popular in Calgary. A Travertine floor that’s been expertly cleaned and maintained can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, Travertine is very susceptible to scratching, etching and staining, all of which detract from the beauty of your travertine surface.

How Often Can My Travertine Surface Be Polished in Calgary?

Of course it does depend on how much traffic your Travertine surface has to endure, so if we’re talking about a high traffic area then you can safely polish your travertine floor anywhere between six and eighteen months. However if it’s a counter top or other less-abused area you may only need to have it polished every three years or so.

If your Travertine flooring or other surface has become dull, scratched or stained, please give us a call. We can help resolve these problems and your floor or surface will be restored to its beautiful new appearance. We guarantee that you’ll be extremely happy when you see the results of our Travertine Polishing. We’re experienced in working with Travertine and use only specialist cleaning products with the absolute finest diamond abrasive pads. The restoration of your Travertine floor or surface will add new life to your room.

Free tip: In-between regular Polishing here in Calgary, the best way to keep your Travertine floor or surface clean is to simply wipe over with a damp cloth or vacuum or sweep regularly. Clean up spills immediately, and don’t use harsh acidic cleaners because they will damage the surface over time.

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